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We Don’t Have to Eat Insects. But Feeding Them to Animals Could Save the Planet
Freethink,  April 2021 Read

A Major Huntington’s Trial Has Failed. Here’s Why There Is Still Hope.
Freethink,  April 2021 Read

The Surprising Cure to Cybersickness
Freethink,  April 2021 Read

Should We Genetically Engineer Carbon-Hungry Trees?
Freethink,  April 2021 Read

Cable Companies Won’t, So Rural America Is Building Its Own Broadband Network
Freethink,  October 2020 Read

Virtual Conservation: Building “Real” Trees in the Metaverse Could Save the Forest
Freethink,  August 2020 Read

Meet the Women Bringing Breast Pumps To Incarcerated Women
Freethink,  May 2020 Read

Your New Sex Ed Teacher is a Chatbot
Freethink,  April 2020 Read

Move the Sun, Save the Earth: A Plan That Could Relocate Our Solar System
Freethink,  February 2020 Read

The Fight to End Illegal Logging
Freethink,  December 2019 Read

How Women are Leading the Charge to Recycle Whole Houses
Smithsonian Magazine,  July 2019 Read

The Dark Toll of Light Pollution
Freethink,  November 2019 Read

How do you toast a gene therapy trial? With tea.
National Human Genome Research Institute, July 2019 Read

Meet the Artist Who Paints With DNA Clues
Freethink,  October 2019 Read

Meet the Scientists Using FOIA to See Their Competitor’s Grants
BuzzFeed News, August 2017 Read

This musician transforms scientific data to elaborate melodies
Freethink,  July 2019 Read

Prosthetics as Fashion: Designers Transform Prosthetic Leg Covers into Wearable Art
Freethink, September 2019 Read

Smart guns exist. Why aren’t they on the market?
PBS NewsHour, May 2018 Read

Decision over a tiny baitfish could sway the largest East Coast fishery
PBS NewsHour, November 2017 Read

The Jones Act, explained (and what waiving it means for Puerto Rico)
PBS NewsHour, September 2017 Read

Preventing Plastic’s Perils
UCSC Magazine, March 2018 Read

Untangling the Kelp Forest
Science Notes, August 2017 Read

Sea Snails on Acid
Scientific American, November 2016 Read

This New York river dumps millions of fabric microfibers into the ocean daily
PBS NewsHour, August 2017 Read

With San Clemente Dam Gone are Steelhead Trout About to Make a Comeback in the Carmel River?
Mercury News, July 2017 Read

How Building A Wall Can Save A Forest
Inside Science, May 2017 Read

As glaciers shrink, iceberg tourism booms
PBS NewsHour, July 2018 Read

Book Contributions

Discovering the Deep Blue Sea: Research, Innovation, and Social Engagement
National Academies Press, June 2018

Adventure on the High Seas
Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book, January 2017 Read

Tiny Homes on the Move
Shelter Publications, April 2014