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 science writer  .  multi-media maker .  uscg licensed captain  .  cat-lover


BuzzFeed News

Meet the Scientists Using FOIA to See Their Competitior’s Grants

Mercury News

With San Clemente Dam Gone can Steelhead Trout Make a Comeback in the Carmel River?

Science Notes

Scientists are studying how an increasingly acidic ocean will affect marine life near the shore.

Inside Science

How building a wall can save a forest

Scientific American 

Sea Snails on Acid: A new study finds ocean acidification may be causing a trippy set of behaviors in sea snails.

The Gifts of Sailing Solo

How it all began – my very first published article in Cruising World.


One Simple QUESTion  

A feature length eco-documentary about a journey in a small sailboat to find a record-breaking iceberg. Written & produced by Teresa Carey.


Radio Story: Santa Cruz Doctor Close to a Cure for Deadly Mushroom Poisoning

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

The Giant Larvacean: Bathochordaeus, official selection of the 2017 Beneath The Waves Film Festival


A simple perspective on the American dream. Living big in small places.

Hello Ocean

Hello Ocean, co-founded and directed by Teresa, facilitates ocean science and media to engage the public and inform legislation.

UCSC Pinniped Lab

Training Arctic Seals to Save Species

I love working with teams on multi-element projects that maximize community engagement. That’s why I co-founded Hello Ocean to support science through multi-media and research-under-sail expeditions. My work is inspired by thousands of miles at sea as a captain. I care about stories that draw on the intersection of science, culture, and heart, providing a new perspective on the world. As a recent graduate student at the UC Santa Cruz science journalism program, and currently a science journalist at PBS NewsHour I plan to continue using multi-media to inspire people to create solutions.

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