Teresa L Carey

Science Journalist  .  Podcaster .  NatGeo Explorer .  USCG Licensed Captain

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Hi, I’m Teresa Carey.

I’m an award-winning filmmaker, podcast producer, and science journalist, seeking stories that draw on the intersection of science, culture, and heart. 

Here are some things that are currently keeping me busy:

  • In May, I’m headed to Switzerland to speak at the World Heart Summit. I’ll talk to the bigwigs about how to translate new scientific and medical knowledge in a way that is easily understood by the general public. Vaccines, genetics, AI, statistics, gobbledegook — no problem. Let’s geek out about science!
  • I’m a National Geographic Explorer investigating the relationship between traditional wisdom and sea turtle conservation.
  • I’m the host and senior producer for Podnosis with Fierce Healthcare. It is a finalist for the Best Podcast 2023 with The Neal Awards. I also produce The Top Line, a weekly news podcast with Fierce Biotech, which was selected as a finalist and honorable mention for the best B2B podcast with the Eddie & Ozzie awards
  • I cover genetics and the climate. My work can be seen on air and in print at WHYY The PulseBuzzfeed, NPR Weekend Edition, Smithsonian Magazine, PBS NewsHour, and more. My work for Scientific American was selected for the Covering Climate Now Journalism awards
  • I am a U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain and the managing owner of Morse Alpha Expeditions.
  • I am the Chair of the National Association of Science Writers Information Access Committee. 

  • I study dance and circus acrobatics. 
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