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 science writer  .  multi-media maker .  NatGeo Explorer .  uscg licensed captain

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NPR Spoonman
NPR Weekend Edition
Radio Story: The ‘Angels’ of the Appalachian Trail
Deconstruction Women Pic
Smithsonian Magazine
How Women are Leading the Charge to Recycle Whole Houses

Building Trees in the Metaverse Might Actually Save the Forest 

Illegal Logging Pic
The Fight to End Illegal Logging
BuzzFeed News
Meet the Scientists Using FOIA to See Their Competitor’s Grants
Gene Therapy Pic
How do you toast a gene therapy trial? With tea.
Light Pollution
The Dark Toll of Light Pollution
Gene Therapy Pic

Society Runs on GPS. What Happens When it Gets Hacked?


Multimedia Journalism Reel
Excerpts from videos, tv broadcast segments, and radio stories for NPR, PBS NewsHour, The Lens, Scientific American, and more.
Green ToGo
PBS NewsHour
This restaurant takeout service swaps Styrofoam for sustainable
Illegal Logging Pic

Fighting to Get Breast Pumps to Mothers in Prison

Scientific American
Scientific American 
Sea Snails on Acid: A new study finds ocean acidification may be causing a trippy set of behaviors in sea snails.
Hello Ocean: Expedition Echo
Expedition Echo
A collaborative Hello Ocean research expedition. Teresa is the co-founder and producer for Hello Ocean.
KAZU Mushroom
Radio Story: Santa Cruz Doctor Close to a Cure for Deadly Mushroom Poisoning
Nassau Grouper Video
Scientific American
Bringing Back the Nassau Grouper 2017 Beneath The Waves Film Festival
Dolphin Graveyard Video
PBS NewsHour
This graveyard gives insight into the lives of stranded dolphins
Inside Science
How Building A Wall Can Save A Forest
Teresa Speaks at TEDx Traverse City
A simple perspective on the American dream. Living big in small places.
Jones Act Pic
PBS NewsHour
The Jones Act, explained (and what waiving it means for Puerto Rico)
Smart Guns Pic
PBS NewsHour
Smart guns exist. Why aren’t they on the market?
Science Notes
Scientists are studying how an increasingly acidic ocean will affect marine life near the shore.
One Simple Question - an uncertain journey to find an iceberg
One Simple QUESTion  
A feature length eco-documentary about a journey in a small sailboat to find a record-breaking iceberg. Written & produced by Teresa Carey.
The Mercury News
With San Clemente Dam Gone are Steelhead Trout About to Make a Comeback in the Carmel River?
Beyond Fashion: Designers Transform Prosthetic Leg Covers into Wearable Art
Sonifications Pic
This musician transforms scientific data to elaborate melodies
DNA aritist pic
Meet the artist who paints with DNA clues
PBS NewsHour
Decision over a tiny baitfish could sway the largest East Coast fishery
Your New Sex Ed Teacher is a Chatbot
Move the Sun, Save the Earth: A Plan That Could Relocate Our Solar System
Reading your Digital Signature to Detect Depression

Digital phenotyping uses our smartphones to detect anything from Parkinson’s disease to mental health disorders. But is our privacy at risk?

My work is inspired by thousands of miles at sea as a U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain. I care about stories that draw on the intersection of science, culture, and heart, providing a new perspective on the world. As a National Geographic Explorer, I followed the leatherback sea turtle migration between the opposite ends of the North Atlantic to investigate the relationship between traditional wisdom and sea turtle conservation. I love working with teams on multi-element projects that maximize community engagement. That’s why I co-founded Hello Ocean to support early-career scientists with multi-media and research-under-sail expeditions. I’m currently a senior staff writer at Freethink, where I cover the environment and technology. I’m also a captain for Morse Alpha Expeditions and producer/co-host of the sailing podcast The Morning Muster. I plan to continue taking inspiration from the ocean to develop multi-media that inspires people to create solutions.

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