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 science writer  .  multi-media maker .  uscg licensed captain  .  cat-lover

News Writing

Mercury News

With San Clemente Dam Gone can Steelhead Trout Make a Comeback in the Carmel River?

Inside Science

How building a wall can save a forest

Scientific American 

Sea Snails on Acid: A new study finds ocean acidification may be causing a trippy set of behaviors in sea snails.


Humpback whales learn habitat loyalty from their mothers. Photo: U.S. National Park Service photo under NMFS Scientific Research permit #945-1776-01


Lasers shed light on the inner workings of the giant larvacean.
Story picked up by NY Times, Science Friday, Science News, Newsy, The VergeSeeker, Scientific American

Inside Science

Creepy Fish Provides Window Into Ocean’s Mysterious Twilight Zone


One Simple QUESTion  

A feature length eco-documentary about a journey in a small sailboat to find a record-breaking iceberg. Written & produced by Teresa Carey.


Radio Story: Santa Cruz Doctor Close to a Cure for Deadly Mushroom Poisoning

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

The Giant Larvacean: Bathochordaeus, official selection of the 2017 Beneath The Waves Film Festival


A simple perspective on the American dream. Living big in small places.

Hello Ocean

Hello Ocean, co-founded and directed by Teresa, facilitates ocean science and media to engage the public and inform legislation.

UCSC Pinniped Lab

Training Arctic Seals to Save Species

I love working with teams on multi-element projects that maximize community engagement. That’s why I co-founded Hello Ocean to support science through multi-media, citizen science, and research-under-sail expeditions. My work is inspired by thousands of miles at sea as a captain. I care about stories that draw on the intersection of science, culture, and heart, providing a new perspective on the world. Now a graduate student at the UC Santa Cruz science journalism program, I plan to continue using multi-media to inspire people to create solutions.

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